Clinic Management System

Our Clinic Management System can help to your Clinic to convenience at Clinic Operation.It helps clinic owners simplify their business and helps them manage one clinic or a huge group of clinics.And keeps and updates patients' demographics like residence, gender, age, ethnicity, and diagnosis of patients.It can print out prescriptions, patient records, billings and others. It can also give information about patients' prescription, medicine available.It completes receptions in an automated and systematized way and billing transaction and can check account balances.It includes reporting tools which could quickly present, print out, or send out reports like patient visits, patients referred to other doctors, patients referred by other doctors, list of fee collection, and daily profit report.It allows clinic owners maximize billable time and spend more time in taking care of their patients since almost all administrative procedures are supported by the software including the daily backing up of everyday reports.Our eVolva Clinic Management System has security features like password facility to validate users, entry validation, data secrecy feature, and data access that is user defined.

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